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Based loosely on The Amazing Race reality show, Race/LA  has been held yearly since 2004, except for 2020-2022 when the pandemic threw all our plans out the window This year, a new Race/LA returns! Each race travels to different locations around the greater LA area.

Race/LA creator John Hennessy says, "This is a really exciting way to have an Amazing Race-like experience right here in Los Angeles. Of course we can't include tasks like sky diving and bungee jumping, because it would take all day just to set those up. The activities in Race/LA are things that pretty much anyone can do as long as you're in reasonably good shape. So don't be afraid to sign up. And besides, you're going to have a blast regardless of whether you win or not!"

The Los Angeles Times calls Race/LA "An elaborate citywide scavenger hunt and a fun way to discover the city's wide variety of history and culture." And Los Angeles Magazine says, "Race/LA is a can't miss event that turns LA into a massive game board inspired by The Amazing Race."